Virtual Receptionist Services Make Good Financial Sense

Thanks to call center services, even small businesses can have access to professional support. One of these services is known as a virtual receptionist, which is exactly what it sounds like – when your phone rings, someone at another location answers and greets callers for you.

Numerous benefits can be derived from this type of service. As a result, virtual receptionist services can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example:

  • Screening calls – When you have a busy schedule and a large number of callers in a given day, you need to manage your time well to get a significant amount of things accomplished. In the past, you may have looked down at your ringing cell phone while in the middle of a meeting, letting your voicemail take a message. Although having a live operator taking messages for you provides a more personal touch, a virtual receptionist goes a step further and can screen calls for you. This is important when, for some calls, you really need to answer at that moment.
  • Virtual companies – Largely thanks to technology, some of the most effective workforces don’t even work in the same place. Coworkers might reside in different parts of the country or even around the world. When a call comes in to a company’s main number, it helps to have a receptionist to patch the call out to the appropriate person. In this way, it doesn’t matter if a business even has a physical “headquarters”; a well-configured virtual receptionist service may suffice.
  • Managing appointments – For service-based businesses that rely on meeting with clients, keeping a full, accurate appointment book is imperative. Many real estate brokers and consultants, for example, will give their virtual receptionist access to their web-based scheduling application or calendar. This ensures that whenever a call to make an appointment arrives, there is someone to answer it.

Why Choose a Virtual Receptionist Service?

Hiring a receptionist for your business probably doesn’t make sense financially unless you receive calls continuously, every single day. Most companies only receive a few to a few dozen calls and they are spread throughout the day; they’d be paying an in-office receptionist a lot of money for the large part of the day they are sitting idle, just to make sure someone is there when the calls arrive.

Answering phone calls is, for most companies, a task that needs to be handed in the course of doing business. With a call center, though, answering phone calls is the business. For this reason, economies of scale can be derived by hiring plenty of operators and investing in call center equipment that allows incoming calls to be sent to an available agent immediately. The overhead costs of an operator’s time, heating and cooling the facility, electricity to run the equipment, and so forth are spread across the numerous users of the call center.

About the Author:

Alexander Legrand is the marketing coordinator for Instant Answering Service, which provides a number of virtual office services to businesses nationwide. For more information about Instant,  give them a call at 1-800-269-7834 or visit their website:


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