Thomas Edison, Champion of Technology in New Jersey

thomas edisonThomas Edison was a genius and was way ahead of his time. He invented all sorts of great things we often take for granted today.

Thomas Edison was not originally from New Jersey, but he did most of his work there. In fact, the area that was known as Menlo Park was home to his research lab. This area was actually renamed Edison because of his achievements. Our Edison answering service has his framed portrait hanging in our lobby.

Although Edison was an inventor for sure, he contributed so much more than simply coming up with ideas. He developed a process of inventing where he would use teams of people working on all sorts of items at the same time. This inventive way of using elements of mass production in developing and inventing new products changed the face of industry. Thomas Edison, for this reason, is credited as having essentially the first research laboratory.

Edison Changed How We Invent

Since Edison research laboratory, it has become common for firms to hire boatloads of bright young students to do research and come up with ideas. These men and women would have had ideas on their own, but because they have to work and support themselves, they might not have the time or resources to invent much. This is where the research laboratory or think tank comes in. Not only are they paid a healthy wage, but also allowed components, materials, tools and facilities to explore their ideas.

This might seem expensive, but it is precisely the sort of method that yielded Edison’s greatest inventions. His inventions revolutionized the telecommunications industry in particular. The cost of hiring all of these researchers can be well covered by the sheer profit resulting from coming up with a great idea. Many inventions flop. In fact, a great majority of products fail soon after they are put on the market.

The inventions that do find their way into homes across the country are exceptions for sure, but they are exceptions that yield their producers untold fortunes. Many inventions do not have direct effects on individual consumers but instead improve efficiency in businesses. Much modern advancement in call center technology has allowed our New Jersey Answering Service to provide higher quality services.

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