Great Things About New Jersey: New Jersey Colleges

While we keep individual customer information and identities private, unless explicitly given permission, I can say that a number of colleges around the nation use our education answering service. They use our call center services for a number of administrative, maintenance, security, and other purposes.

For example, a health clinic answering service allows students to schedule appointments with college health professionals. A university maintenance staff might use our services to get alerts about broken appliances in dorms or pipe leaks in lecture halls. We feel our answering service is an excellent provider of high quality phone support for all colleges, no matter where they are located.

For this reason, we decided to dedicate the first post of our new series, “Great Things About New Jersey”, to New Jersey’s excellent institutions of higher learning.

Many Public and Private Colleges Reside in New Jersey

NJ college answering serviceIn the state of New Jersey there is no shortage of options for higher education. There are 3 public research universities, 9 state colleges and universities, 19 community colleges and 14 independent four year colleges.

There are also 9 Proprietary Institutes with degree granting authority. If you add to the list the 11 Rabbinical schools/ Theological Seminaries and the 2 independent two year religious colleges, there should be a school that will fit everyone’s needs.

There are way too many schools to name them each individually. Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and The New Jersey Institute of Technology are the three public research universities.

Princeton University, Seton Hall University, College of Saint Elizabeth, and Seton Hall University Law School are some of the independent four year colleges. All 58 institutes are accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher Education.

Almost a Half Million College Students Attend School in New Jersey

nj college studentsWith so many higher education institutions you may be wondering how many students are enrolled in New Jersey. The enrollment total for public institutions in the Fall of 2010 was 258,256 students.

For independent institutions the total enrollment was 84,534 students. The grand total of students enrolled in higher education institutions in New Jersey for the Fall of 2010 is 442,790. 160,776 students were enrolled part time and 282,014 students were enrolled full time.

For anyone wanting to continue their education there are many grant programs to help. Grants are awarded to certain students who qualify. Unlike student loans a grant is money that does not have to be paid back. Visit the Dept. of Education’s website for more information, or call the information call center at a particular university.

College Access Challenge Grant Programs, Disengaged Adults Returning To College Grant Program, Dual Enrollment Incentive Grant Program, The college Bound Grant Program, and The FAFSA Completion Grant Program are a few of the grants available in those who qualify.

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