Do people still use pagers?

do people still use pagersWhen the staff at our NJ Answering Service mentions to customers that we can dispatch messages to pagers, we are often asked “Do people still use pagers?” The answer is yes, many people still do.

Although the world is full of cell phones, smart phones, and other technological improvements, the simple pager is used by doctors and those in IT most frequently.

These professionals have to be reachable at all times and the best way to do so is a pager. A pager is more reliable than a cell phone simply because missed calls or notifications do not occur when dealing with a pager.

Pagers are more reliable and are better when a person has to be reachable at all times because they operate on lower radio frequencies, making them less vulnerable than cell phones to electronic interference. Pagers are also used in hospitals because they do not lose their signal.

Overall, pagers may be old news to some people, but they are still used today because they are a reliable source of getting in touch with someone. Pagers do not have dead zones and are very helpful in business situations.

Individuals from all industries may choose to use a pager, however, not just doctors and businesspeople. In fact, when coupled with a reliable call center service, a pager is an extremely effective and reliable technology that is sure to be around for many years to come.

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