Can you still use a rotary phone?

can you still use a rotary phoneAny person who collects or highly appreciates the old trusty and memorable rotary phones would probably want to know, can you still use a rotary phone? The answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. A rotary phone will continue to work just fine with any standard landline system.

It has to be the classic landline setup that plugs into a jack on the wall and works off old analog service, though. If you have that kind of connection, then your old, reliable rotary phone can work quite well. Users will be able make and receive calls as normal; they can make calls everywhere around the world.

Things may get difficult, however, with certain numbers that call for one number to be pressed, such as for as a menu selection. Other than this caveat, a rotary phone will function fine. In fact, calls dispatched or transferred by operators, such as those to a phone answering service, do not even require pressing any keys.

A rotary phone will not work with VOIP service or any digital type of telephone line or PBX office phone system. So for customers with Vonage or Skype who are wondering if you can you still use a rotary phone, unfortunately the answer is no.

Although it would certainly be cool to use an old timey phone instead of a sleek, internet-operated phone, the old and new technologies are not compatible; therefore, the unit would not function properly. Incoming calls might possibly work but dialing out would definitely require additional hardware.


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