The Latest iPhone 5 Rumors

iphone 5 rumorsBecause of Apple’s closed nature, rumors tend to fly months and years in advance of a major product unveiling. The iPhone 4 has currently been Apple’s cell phone for more than a year and a half. This is almost twice as long as any one SKU of the iPhone was the top tier available for purchase. Naturally, dozens of rumors are flying about the new iPhone and tidbits have finally started to leak in from across the globe.

The release date of the product is probably one of the most relevant iphone 5 rumors. Most analysts are putting the device out before the end of 2011, and some are putting it as early as October of 2011. One major handset carrier has already gone on record to say that his company will not be receiving the iPhone 5 in 2011 at all. ATT has long been Apple’s go to provider, and they have remained decidedly mum about the whole thing.

Other rumors have come in from China, as new form factor cases have started appearing on production lines. These lines are typically used for iPhone accessories and may be the best way to actually know what the Iphone 5 has in store for us. From the looks of the cases, the screen will be a bit bigger than it is currently, but the phone will retain the same size and basic shape. More narrow sides are also present, and this lines it up with the iPad 2 in terms of aesthetics.

These are the latest iPhone 5 rumors. Apple keeps a tight lid on their security and tries their best to not let anything leak. It will be interesting watching the next few months unfold as more and more rumors begin to fly. The iPhone 5 is certainly going to cause quite the stir when it launches. I know at least a few of my colleagues here at the answering service will be eager to get their hands on one once it is released.

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