Five Quick Facts about New Jersey – Famous Residents Edition

New Jersey has been called home by countless people over the years from all walks of life. In addition, it is home to thousands of businesses, including our answering service. In this edition of our weekly list of facts about New Jersey, we present to you, in no particular order, five notable residents of this fine state.

  1. Buzz Aldrin – Say what you want about New Jersey drivers, this guy “drove” the Lunar Module on the Apollo 11 Mission. Aldrin was born in Glen Ridge and went to Montclair High School.
  2. Bruce Springsteen – Go figure, right? “The Boss” was born in Long Branch and made a career out of writing and playing songs that not only reflected a certain time in America, but frequently his experiences living and growing up in New Jersey as well.
  3. Grover Cleveland – The only U.S. President to ever have served two non-consecutive terms, Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell. Although not generally regarded as a remarkably great president by any means, President Cleveland oversaw a turbulent period of American history following the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  4. Jason Alexander – Born as Jay Scott Greenspan in Trenton, he is better known as Jason Alexander, and even better know still as George Costanza – his character from the wildly-popular television series Seinfeld.
  5. Count Basie – Accomplished musician, recording artist, and jazz orchestra band leader, Basie had an impressive career that spanned over half the 20th century. Born in Red Bank, he was a major contributor to music around the world through his extensive involvement in the swing and big band era.

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