Experiences with Domestic Outsourcing and Foreign Outsourcing

Although our answering service is located in New Jersey, as the name of this blog strongly suggests, I frequently get questions about outsourcing calls and other tasks to providers overseas. I feel the term “overseas” in this context is frequently used in a way that conveys something is perceived as foreign or questionable. People on TV and the radio often say it with perceptible disdain in their voices.

Personally, I feel it is kind of an awkward use of the word since the distance from our Vineland answering service to Anchorage Alaska is about the same as between that same NJ answering service and London. Alaska and England are the same distance from us, although London is, well, overseas. We have customers from both of these areas, and they are quite happy with our answering service, I might add.

At any rate, my point is that, regardless of where your answering service is located, quality service still means quality service. Sure, there are call centers in other countries, such as Thailand and India. These call centers, like all call centers (based in the U.S. or otherwise) provide service that ranges from “great” to “awful”, and everywhere in between.

Then there are also cost considerations. Higher prices for answering service do not automatically mean it will be a good service, and just because a call center is located overseas does not always mean it will be cheaper than an equivalent answering service in NJ, or any other part of America for that matter. For this reason, it is best to set aside assumptions when evaluating services for your business.

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