Price Gouging and Scams in NJ after Irene

Cleaning and restoration companies, landscapers, and contractors are just a few industries that see a rise in business immediately after a major storm such as this one, and there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. Our Cherry Hill hurricane Irene price gouging and scams in NJanswering service answers calls for a number of these companies, which saw a high volume of calls from people who needed a range of goods and services to recover from the storm.

We’re all trying to get things back to normal, and it is certainly OK to offer your company’s services. After all, many of us don’t have the time or proper equipment to pump water out of our flooded basement. What is really a shame, though is when unscrupulous people unfairly take advantage of the situation.

From Freehold, NJ Patch:

“The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is warning residents to beware of shady businesses and vendors showing up in the wake of Hurricane Irene.”

It’s really a shame that, in the wake of a hurricane that has caused high levels of destruction, some disreputable businesspeople are trying to scam residents. Worst of all are those targeting seniors. Although I hope the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs is able to put a stop to a lot of this, I more so hope that those behind the scams realize that we’re all in this together and decide to straighten up their business practices on their own.

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